sk0's blog is now officially public!

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I have officially opened my blog to the public (it's been open for years as WIP though) !

This blog is designed and built by me with Next.js. I plan to gradually publish my SunVox projects and modules, and writings about music, music production and development here :)

Below is a list of things I plan to do:

  • Add SunVox-related contents, such as tutorials
  • Add articles about music, music production, development, algorithms, etc.
  • Provide an RSS feed or something related to ActivityPub
  • Add a feature to pin articles
  • Add some playfulness, such as a tiny CSS animation in the corner of the page?
  • Refactor this blog and release it as a template (with a different CSS) ?
  • Blobcat? :ablobcatheart:

Stay tuned!