sk0 is a Japanese electronic musician, creating music in various genres, mainly Chiptune, Jazz Fusion and Dubstep. sk0 got into music production after coming across SunVox, a tracker and modular synthesizer, in 2016.

sk0 is also a software/web developer with experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, OCaml, Rust, F#, Python, etc., and former participator in competitive programming for a little while.

自称電子音楽家.主にSunVoxというソフトを用いて,ChiptuneやJazz Fusion, Dubstepなど色々なジャンルの楽曲を制作しています.

或いはITエンジニア.HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, OCaml, Rust, F#, Pythonなどの経験あり.一時期競技プログラミングに取り組んでいたためその関係の記事も置いてあります.

I would appreciate it if you could point out any mistakes in my English or in the content of this blog :)